T Shirts – Conceptualize 2x T shirt designs to show what Brandboom digital does but in a creative, fresh and NOT corporate branding way.

Vehicle wrap
Conceptualize a vehicle wrap on a Ford Ranger for Brandboom Digital. Promoting social media and Design services.

Social media ads
to promote social media and print services.

Please note that Brandboom is a creative agency and everything we do is premium but fresh.

The reason we are looking at new designers is to bring in fresh creative ideas for an expanding customer base.



In keeping with the graphic design trends of 2019 I figured it would be best to make use of vector 3d items against flat imagery. The color scheme posed a challenge as to be fresh and funky one would assume we need pops of color. Nevertheless the concepts that I have created uses white to add freshness and funky custom typography for a sense of edge in keeping with the premium look of the company overall.


Presenting 2 t shirt designs in black and white. The designs shown below can be created with basic vinyl colors or as digital prints.

Black T-shirt concept

White T-shirt concept

Car Wrap

Vehicle wraps can be taken to the next level of wicked and crazy often looking great but not showcasing what the company stands for. The design concept below merges a hint of minimalism with 3d polygonal shapes. The shapes add a pop to the flatness of the vinyl print.

Social Media Adverts

The examples below are meant for instagram or any social media platform that requires square format images. In researching Brandboom’s current instagram posts it dawned upon me that the best way to make the social media ads more fresh if I were to add more white with shapes. The concept of the ads are a little different from the current content as the presented concept ads speak more about how BRANDBOOM can assist in marketing businesses.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present my capabilities to you. Open criticism is much appreciated by me. Hope to hear from you soon.